Ready For You

Fraserglen Kennels Reg’d has been breeding German Shepherds who are “ready” for over 25 years. It grew out of what I believe was a necessity.

Ready to Work

Fraserglen Kennels utilizes highly selective breeding to produce a balanced working dog that is able to enter the bona fide working world whether it be law enforcement, search and rescue, guide dogs or therapy dogs.

Ready To Serve

Fraserglen/Carmspack dogs “get the job done” in police departments across Canada and the USA where they are valued members of federal, state, provincial and major municipal police agencies. Examples of our ability to serve are illustrated with the following dogs being placed in various law enforcement agencies; K9 Tell – Toronto, K9 Flint – Lindsay, K9 Rkive – Oklahoma, K9 Clive – OPP, K9 Razor – Kingston, K9 Stryke – Kawartha Lakes, K9 Jake – OPP, K9 Tasco – Galveston, K9 Riggs – RCMP, K9 Pride – Harris County Sheriff’s Dept and K9 Hondo - Niagara Regional Police.

Ready to Protect

Fraserglen German Shepherds have the confidence, stability and mental clarity to be discerning protectors of your home and family.

Ready to Play

Whether it be a fun game of fetch or competitive obedience, fly ball, agility, tracking or other dog sports, Fraserglen Shepherds are intelligent, trainable dogs with loads of natural abilities, making training fun and rewarding.

Ready to Comfort

Fraserglen Shepherds have participated as pet therapy dogs and personal support dogs.

Ready to be Your Loyal Companion

Above all else, Fraserglen German Shepherds are ready to give unconditional love and loyalty. To be part of your family and reward you with many years of companionship.

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